5KVA 4000W Inverter 48V Power Tower


5KVA 4000W Inverter 48V Power Tower

  • 5KVA 4000W 24V-230V Inverter. AC 230V and Solar Input Included
  • 12V 100Ah AGM Battery in Battery Box
  • 200A Battery Protection Fuse
  • Cabinet with everything built in
  • No Solar Panels – Own supply

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  • Tough, reliable and affordable the Insele Solar inverters are ideal for battery backup and off-grid solar, home and office solutions.
  • Built into a convenient all-on-one unit, the 5KVA Power Tower offers easy, plug and play installation.
  • The Inverter itself is prewired inside the cabinet with the necessary breakers and battery connections.
  • AC in and AC out are located on the side of the unit in a normal UPS configuration.
  • Solar panels can also be connected through a gland in the top of the unit.

Additional information


• 5KVA 4000W Inverter
• 5000VA/4000W
• Input Voltage: 230 VAC
• Frequency: 50Hz/ 60Hz (Auto Sensing)
• Output Voltage: 230 VAC ± 5%
• Surge Power: 10000VA
• Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
• Parralel Operation: Up to 9 Units
• Battery Voltage: 48VDC
• Floating Charge Voltage: 54VDC
• Overcharge Protection: 60VDC
• Maximum Charge Current: 60A
• Solar Charge Controller Type: MPPT
• Charging Current: 80A
• Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage: 145VDC
• Maximum PV Array Power: 4000W
• MPPT Range @ Operation Voltage: 60VDC ~ 115VDC
• Standby Power Consumption: 2W
• Dimensions, D x W x H (mm): 140 x 295 x 540
• Nett Weight (Kgs): 13.5
• Humidity: 5% – 95% Relative Humidity
• Operating Temperature: 0°C – 55°C
• Storage Temperature: -15°C – 60°C

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