i100++ Mini-Insele Solar 6 USB Charger


Mini 6 Port Charging Station Spaza Cell Charger

  • i100 Mini Base 6 Port Charging Station (incl 1 LED & 6 USB’s)
  • 12V 8A h Lithium Battery
  • 40W Solar Panel
  • Estimated Run Time 2 hrs at night

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  • Designed for those living in rural and areas without access to electricity.
  • Charge upto 6 USB devices at a time without the need for 220V power access.
  • Ideal for phone charging kiosks and spaza shops
  • Sporting a 8Ah Lithium battery, 6 USB ports and a 40W Solar Panel the Mini-Insele Solar Charger will keep your phone charged and ready to go.


  • The unit uses a rechargeable 8Ah 12V Lithium Battery, which contains 104Wh of energy.
  • The i100++ model offers 4x additonal USB ports allowing you to charge upto 6 devices at a time.
  • The additional USB ports allow the unit to be used at kiosks and spaza shops to charge cellphones without the need for a 220V connection.
  • The unit has 4 always on light outputs for optional lighting
  • Includes a 40W solar panel to keep the unit charged.

Additional information


• 8Ah 12V Lithium Battery
• 104Wh System
• Input Voltage 18-22VDC Optional 220VAC
• Output Voltage 12VDC
• 6x USB Port (2A per 2x USB)
• Est. Run Time: 10hrs+
• Est. Charge Time: 3.5hrs
• Autonomy Days: 2-5 (Depending on usage)
• Plug & play wiring system
• Intelligent Battery Charger with low battery cut-out Protection
• Mono/ Poly-Crystalline, 40W Solar Panel
• Unit dimensions: 170x110x210mm
• Weight (Excl. Solar Panel): 3.5kgs
• Includes 2-year warranty on electronics
• Made in South Africa

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