i150r Insele Charger Backup Remote


Load Shedding Emergeny Backup Lighting

  • i150 Gold Base with 4 Channel Remote (incl 4 LED’s, 2 USB’s & 12V Socket)
  • 12V 12A h Lithium Battery
  • AC Charger (external)
  • Remote Controls
  • Estimated Run Time 4xLED (11.6hrs) +2 USB 5.4 hrs on Dim (46.2hrs) 8.2hrs

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  • Emergency lighting unit for use during black outs or outages.
  • Charges via AC power supply and turns on when power is not detected
  • The unit powers up to 4 high brightness, low energy LED lights. The lights are available in multiple fittings to suit your needs and can be controlled via a remote control.
  • The unit also provides two USB power outputs and one 12V socket (cigarette lighter).


  • The solar powered lights provide enough light to fully illuminate a medium sized dwelling eliminating the need for potentially dangerous paraffin lamps, oil lamps or candles.
  • The unit powers 4 designer high brightness, dual function bright or ambient setting, low energy LED lights, which comes in four versions (wall mount, downlight, floodlight and hanging) and are easily fitted to the walls or ceilings of any dwelling and can be controlled by the remote controls provided.
  • USB ports have a 2A max output (2x 1A or 1x 2A) and are compatible with most major cellphone and tablet brands that charge via a USB cable.
  • The 2A 12V socket (cigarette lighter) can also power a variety of 12V devices.

Additional information


• 12V 12Ah AGM or Lithium Battery
• 156Wh System
• Input Voltage 18-22VDC
• Output Voltage 12-14VDC
• 2A USB Port
• 12V Socket (Cigarette Lighter) (2A Max)
• Est. Run Time: 10hrs+
• Est. Charge Time: 4hrs
• Autonomy Days: 2-5 (Depending on usage)
• Unit dimensions: 170x110x240mm
• Weight (Excl. Solar Panel): 6.4kgs
• MMPT Intelligent Battery Charger
• Plug & play wiring system
• Intelligent Battery Charger with low battery cut-out Protection
• External 220VAC PSU
• Includes 2-year warranty on electronics
• Made in South Africa

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