Insele Backup Lights

Backup Unit

Load shedding is a common frustration and can also lead to an increase inĀ burglaries and related crimes. Alarm system batteries often go flat during extensive load shedding hours, however the Insele Backup Unit in addition to providing lighting and charging can also be used to keep your house safely lit up and alarm armed while you are away.


  • 12V 12AH Lead Crystal Battery (150WH)
  • USB Port Capable of supplying 2A of charge current
  • Battery Level and Charger indicator
  • 12V Socket (Cigarette Lighter) (2A Max)
  • 4 Individual Light Switches with Indicator

Standard Accessories

  • 4 Insele LED Lights Included

Operating & Charging

  • Lasts longer if lights are set to ‘dim’
  • More info coming soon