Insele Homegrow System

i800 (800WH + 220V Inverter)

The largest of the Insele Range, the 800WH Insele Solar Charger with Inverter is the Ultimate solar solution for many household & Recreational power needs. Perfect for homes, lodges, farms and camping site where no grid electricity is available. The unit also supports a full colour touch screen display which allows you to manage your power consumption.

‚ÄčThe i800 uses a combination of 2 rechargeable 12V, 35AH Gel Deep-Cycle Batteries for a combined 70AH, 12V (800WH) output. Coupled with the 220V, 600W Pure Sine Wave Inverter, the 800WH Insele Solar Charger can run a variety of 220VAC appliances in addition to 12VDC appliances. These 220VAC appliances include but are not limited to: a small to mid-sized Class A of better energy efficient refrigerator, LED flat screen TV, most major decoders, set-top boxes & Laptops.


  • 2 x 12V 35AH Gel Deep Cycle Battery
  • 6 X USB Ports
  • Additional External Battery Input
  • Battery Level and Charger indicator
    12V Socket (Cigarette Lighter) (2A Max)
  • Low battery cutout Protection
  • 2 x DC Output (12V)
  • 8 Individual Light Switches with Indicator

Standard Accessories

  • 8 Insele LED Lights Included
  • 250W/ 300W Solar Panel
  • 2 x 220V South African Plug Outputs

Operating & Charging

  • More info coming soon