Insele Solar

Insele Solar’s History

Insele Solar products have been installed in the homes of over 40 000 people who formerly had no access to electricity. These solar powered home lighting and basic power systems have been installed and are still being used in the Ekurhuleni, Kuruman, Ngcobo, Matatiele and Thabazimbi municipalities to great effect. Communities using our systems are experiencing a higher quality of life.

Some the of the community feedback has been: “Insele aids students by providing ample light by which they can study.”; “Assisting the unemployed, by allowing them to charge their phones to apply for jobs and receive feedback on job applications.”; “Crime has been reduced thanks to well-lit streets.”; “Due to the lack of an ignition source, fires have been dramatically reduced.”

Ekurhuleni, Gauteng - 17 000 units in informal settlements

In 2014 the Ekurhuleni Municipality tendered for a service provider for solar home systems (hereafter referred to as SHS’s) for various informal settlements in the Ekurhuleni municipality from 2014 to 2017 (A-EE 05/2014-17). Microtronix Manufacturing, in conjunction with Segametsi, were chosen as one of several service providers. Together, they supplied the communities with the initial Insele Solar Charger device – the i150 Gold unit. The Insele products were so well received compared the Chinese products that the community had received from previous suppliers that they were awarded multiple tranches during the tender period, to a total of 17 000 units, majority of which are still in the field and working today.

Kuruman, Northern Cape - 1 200 units in rural settlements

In 2017 The Department of Energy launched its Solar Home System tender (DOE/002/2016/17), as part of the National Electrification Programme. SMTech (Microtronix’s Mini sister Company) supplied EOH with Insele Solar systems for the tender which they were awarded. EOH procured and supplied Insele Solar products for this installation site. A total of 1 200 Insele units were installed in and around the rural communities.

Ncgobo, Eastern Cape - 1 200 units in rural settlements

As part of the ongoing National Electrification Programme by the DOE to provide solar power to rural communities Microtronix, in conjunction with Swan Electrical, were chosen as a supplier for their 2018 tender in the Eastern Cape (DOE/005/2017/18). As such, the Hillside rural communities were provided with the i350 Insele Solar System (the Successor to the Insele system provided in Kuruman) where a total of 1 200 units were supplied. These units were equipped with our GSM technology and we were able to monitor the unit usage remotely for the tender period, giving us a unique insight into the community’s needs and how they used their units.

Matatiele, Kwa-Zulu Natal - 1 000 units in rural settlements

As an extension to the previous tender, the DOE once again awarded Microtronix, in conjunction with SWAN Electrical, a tranche in the 2019 tender in Matatiele, KZN (DOE/005/2019/2020). This time the Department of Energy called for a unit with a larger power capacity and as such the community was provided with 1000 i1000 Homegrow Solar Systems. This tender initiative is still ongoing with the DOE and SWAN Electrical is currently waiting on notification for the next tranche for another location in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

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