Solar Panels

Available in 20W, 40W, 100W & 250W, all Insele replacement or additional solar panels come with mounting kits and are locally sourced. Utilising Mono/ Polycrystalline technology the modules are among the most efficient available. Insele solar strive to supply our customers with the most efficient photo voltaic technology available in the market at any given time. All our solar panels have a estimated lifespan of more than 30 years when correctly maintained.

Insele LED Lights

These stylish lights were made specifically for the Insele Solar product range. Available in two casings (wallmount and downlight) with multiple finishes and colours. Easily fitted to the walls or ceilings of any dwelling, the downlight version can be swopped with any standard downlight (75mm Hole), with no additional sizing needed. Simply plug the lights into an Insele Unit and begin lighting your home. The Insele LED Lights are also available in a 220VAC version and can be connected directly to the existing wiring in your home with no additional driver required.

12V100ah GEL Battery

These Insele-Solar batteries were made specifically for the Insele Solar product range. These batteries are sealed and require no maintenance, and no addition of distilled water. Dimensions: 328mm x 172mm x 222mm. With a rated voltage of 12V, capacity of 100Ah, initial current of 30.0 A MAX and a weight of 31kg, these batteries are perfect replacement or supplment to include in your Insele-Solar systems. Please contact us if you have any additional questions pertaining to our Insele-Solar batteries.