Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

What Battery is supplied with the 800WH Insele Solar charger kit?

• 2x 12V 35AH Gel Deep-Cycle Batteries

What Battery is supplied with the Insele Solar charger kit?

• A 12V 12AH Gel Deep-Cycle battery (Long Life)

What Battery is supplied with the Mini-Insele Solar charger kit?

• A 12V 8AH Gel Deep-Cycle battery (Long Life)

When will the Blue indicating light illuminate?

• Only when the solar panel is generating sufficient power to charge the battery in the sun.

Will the solar panel overcharge my battery?

• No, the charge controller ensures that a steady charge is supplied to the battery and will not overcharge the battery.

Can the battery be over discharged and damaged during normal use?

• No, the charge controller monitors the battery and if it reaches the minimum allowable level it will disengage the battery to protect it from damage.

How do I clean the solar panel?

• Dust and dirt should first be swept of the panel surface using a soft brush then using a wet cloth to wipe the panel surface to remove the remaining dirt and grime. This will always improve the system performance.

How often should I clean my solar panel?

• At least once every 3 months or whenever it becomes dusty and dirty.

Is the solar panel kit waterproof?

• Yes, the Solar panel is waterproof, however the solar battery pack controller is not.

If I go away on holiday should I unplug my system?

• No, always leave the solar panel plugged in.

How do I dim the lights?

• By flicking the light switch on and off you will get a high or ambient light setting.

What is the sleep mode and how does it work?

• When you activate the units sleep mode the unit and any active lights will remain on for 2 minutes before turning off, after which sleep mode can be deactivated to resume normal use.

How long does it take an Insele to charge the battery from flat?

• Depending on the sun light available it will take ± 4hrs

Do the Insele products need maintenance?

• No, with the exception of cleaning the solar panel no other maintenance is needed.

Testing And Troubleshooting

The system should work as follows:

  • When the sun shines onto the solar panel and it is connected to the Solar Charger Unit the charge LED should be on.
  • When the battery is fully charged and the panel is unplugged the lights should remain on.
  • When the battery is fully charged and the panel is unplugged the USB ports should remain on (when the master switch in on).

Should You Experience Problems

Please follow the following steps:

  • Check all connections to ensure that they are secure and free from debris.
  • If none of the indicating lights are lit, the system may have gone into battery protection mode and has shut down.
  • Please wait for solar power to be available to recharge the system and restore full functionality.
  • If all instructions are done as per this manual and the unit is still not functioning please contact your installer.